Why a new BIAS Software?

Because Microsoft introduced substantial changes to its operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 8. In some cases backwards compatibility was broken for security reasons. The application programming interface was redesigned and the access to certain subsystems like audio hardware has been limited. Therefore, application programs like BIAS will not work in exactly the same way as before.

Because we got various valuable suggestions and feature requests from customers like instrument makers or research departments of museums and Universities. Considering your requests we significantly improved the functionality of BIAS, VIAS and the Optimizer when we developed the new BIAS 7 product release. With BIAS 7 you will get a software package with many important new features and technical capabilities.

Simultaneously we payed a lot of attention to avoid non-intuitive changes in the user interface. You will find all the commands exactly where you expect them. BIAS 7 can be used in the same way as BIAS 6 - there is no need to relearn.



BIAS 7 works with Microsoft WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS Vista,


  New BIAS-Systems are delivered immediately with the new BIAS 7 software.
  BIAS 6 user can upgrade to BIAS 7 any time. More upgrade information...