"BIAS"  the ideal tool for brass wind instrument makers, repair shops, museums and research institutes.

BIAS can be used for Woddwind Instruments too. A data bank add on for Woddwind Instrument play lists is available.


"NEW"- BIAS 7 now runs under Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Various new attractive features like the "Transient Window" which shows the characteristics of the "beginning" of each note, material selection for simulations, the option to make data "audible" and many more...


"VIAS"  is a universal software tool. Depending on the hardware connected to the PC various measurment and analysis methodes can be performed, like: input impedance, mechanical addmittance, transferfunction, etc.

With VIAS you are free to choose the measurement frequency range (0 - 20kHz and more), the duration of the measurement and any excitation signal. Additionally VIAS provides various data processing features and the option to make the data "audible".